The Charlatan's Boy

For the article I mentioned last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jonathan about his journey towards writing and his latest novel, The Charlatan's Boy.

Jonathan shared how he got started with novel writing. "I knew I wanted to make a living writing, I just figured it would be more like technical writing or writing ads and brochures and stuff. While I was looking for that sort of work, I sort of dashed off a chapter of what became The Bark of the Bog Owl. I showed it to an agent, and the agent said he thought he could sell it, if I wrote that book, so I went ahead and wrote it. And it sold, and I’ve been writing books ever since."

I also talked to him about leaving the Biblical parameters that shaped The Wilderking series, especially the first novel. He said he actually enjoyed the freedom that came from drifting away from an already established plotline. "If there's any Biblical story that shapes these books, that shape The Charlatan’s Boy, it's really those passages in the prophets, where God is communicating to His people that they really are beautiful, even though they don't seem very beautiful."

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  1. Great to have you participating in the tour, Katie. I love your question for Jonathan. And I'm so glad he discovered novel writing. He's such a natural storyteller. I'm sure he writes good ad copy too, but stories move people to more significant things, at least potentially so.