I Just Sold Caspian and Bought Aragorn

Am I the only one strange enough to name my electronics after fantasy and science fiction characters? I think I'm a bit obsessed.

It wasn't always that way. My first computer, an ancient hand-me-down from my dad's job (it died because the battery ran out. I didn't even know desktops had batteries!), was named Humphrey. Named after the little snake Jack found in Derwood, Inc. It also sounded wheezy and old, which fit my computer perfectly.

Then I discovered Woot.com and bought my first MP3 player. Windows Media Player told me to name it, so I did. Samwise. A plain, dependable little player. My next upgrade was a bit more techy, so it was dubbed R2D2.

After that, I bought a used laptop off eBay. It was large, a bit mysterious (all the stuff left from the previous owner), and had several deep scratches on the lid. I called it Strider. The PDA that came free with it was dubbed my DLF (Dear Little Friend, aka Trumpkin).

I then bought an MP3 I could actually watch video on, and named it Caspian.

I got a bronze finish on my next laptop and thought of calling it C3PO, but the color and personality were entirely wrong. I went with Tirian instead.

And that brings me to my latest purchase, an MP3 player exactly like Caspian, but with twice the room. I've named it Aragorn, and just sold Caspian to my sister.

Not much point in all that, except to show my weirdness. At least I haven't named my cell phone or my camera . . . yet.

Do you name any of your gadgets, cars, pieces of furniture? Do tell!


  1. Uh ... no.

    I seem to remember my sister naming her cars, but I don't think I ever did.

  2. Ooh, I do, I do! Not nearly so creatively, though. My phone's name is Sam, which was slightly LotR-related, but mostly "Samsung" related. This laptop's name is Tiger, and my two colorful flash drives are Blue Tiger and Lime Tiger.

    My family also used to have a minivan called Arven (from "our van"), and indeed still refers to our outdoor thermometer as Arthur. When one of us is getting dressed and doesn't know what length sleeves to wear, it's not uncommon to shout downstairs, "What does Arthur say?"