Realm of Empires

I'm a fantasy geek, right? So it's only natural that when I find an awesome fantasy game online I want to share about it. No, it's not World of Warcraft or any of those other MMORPGs that make you bleary-eyed from staring at the computer too long (and then people laugh over your obsession until you make a successful web show about people like you, a la The Guild). This game is designed to only take a few minutes a day, yet still be wonderfully complex and strategic.

The game is called Realm of Empires (aha - you guessed that from the post title, right?). It has villages and palaces and knights and clans and wars and royalty - you name it! No wizards or magicians as of yet, but the servants do a wonderful job of making amazing things happen. There's a tutorial to get you started, some quests to help you improve more quickly, and I've even written a nice long how-to article to make you the best newbie ever!

It is a Facebook game, so you'll need an account there to get started. Don't wait, start growing your empire today!


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